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“I recently had the good fortune of working with Brad Horwath, Owner of Wireless Investment Group, LLC, on a tower lease assignment for the benefit of mutual clients. Brad and his company were knowledgeable, ethical and professional throughout the transaction. They delivered in a timely and competent manner at every phase and followed up. Based on this experience, I highly recommend Brad and Wireless Investment Group. ”
– James P. Nolan, Esq.

Brad Horwath is an owner of WIG and has more than 10 years of telecommunications infrastructure and commercial real estate experience. He has acquired more than $10,000,000 of existing telecommunication ground lease assets. Prior to founding WIG, Brad served in senior management positions at several telecommunication real estate companies where he facilitated their acquisition strategies. He has successfully consulted hundreds of landlords in selling their ground lease assets. His in-depth knowledge of lease acquisitions, leasing, and marketing in the ground lease industry gives him a unique advantage in this asset class. Brad attended Penn State University.

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In Common: Mike Lemay and Brad Horwath have been purchasing wireless communication ground leases for the last 5 years. Together, they have closed over 150 individual transactions, totaling over $30,000,000 in total purchase price. Each has worked for Unison Site Management and Landmark Dividend before venturing out on their own to start WIG. In its first year of operations, WIG originated over $8,000,000 of new purchase business and is projected to grow that number to $15,000,000 in 2013. WIG currently has strategic partnerships with SBA Communications (NYSE:SBAC), American Tower (NYSE:AMT) and TowerCo.

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