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Cell Site Types - Different Wireless Site Basic Structures

steel pole (mono-pole) cell tower   lattice cell tower structure   power line cell tower   water tower as a cell site   water tower as a cell site
Steel Pole
  Lattice   Power Line   Water Tower   Rooftop

In addition there are many other types of other basic structures including: artificial trees, steeples and bell towers, radio towers, bridges, and even town square sculptures and monuments. While many cell tower wireless sites are obvious, and obtrusive, many are cleverly disguised so well, that you may drive by them every day, and never notice.

There are also mobile and temporary wireless sites that are used for "mass call events" such as fairs and festivals, or to bear the load of an existing tower during service.. These consist of vehicles, trailers, ballons and kites. These types obviously do not apply to ground or rooftop leases, or lease buyouts.

Cell Site Equipment - Basic Components of Wireless Towers

Even though the structures vary greatly, the components attached to them are relatively the same. The amount of these components, however, can and does vary greatly. Typicalsteel pole and lattice cell towers have the transmitter/receiver panels mounted on "frames." Thease frames are typically 3 sided, with each side being referred to as a "sector" or "face."

Usually each frame is for a different carrier, so counting the frames can give you a good idea how many carriers are tennants. Of course, the more tennants there are, the higher the value of the Wireless site and it's lease.

Each frame may be a different type, and contain only one or many antennae panels on each face. This is an indicator of how much traffic the tower must handle for that carrier. Again, the value of the wireless tower site lease will typicallyincrease as the number of antennae increases.

Cell Tower Equipment

The value of the equipment does not affect the value of the lease directly, but there are many related factors that do affect the lease value indirectly.

Type of tower -The amount of ground space needed depends on the type of tower. Steel Monopoles have the smallest footprint. Lattice structures require a bit more space. Cell towers with guy wires take up more space.

Amount of equipment - Usually the more equipment is on the cell tower, the more the lease will be worth. this is not because of the value of the equipment, but because that means there are more carriers, or it is a more populated cell requiring more throughput.

Accessibility - The ease and ability to access the site for regular service, repairs, or upgrades can play a big role in the value of the celluar tower site lease. For instance, after the 9-11 terrorist attacks, new legislation made access to water towers became extremely difficult to attain. This takes away from the value of the site lease.

Age of Equipment - If the equipment is new and modern, the site becomes more valuable to the carrier, since they have more invested in it, and they obviously did so because the site is important to them. Old equipment can also be a factor that affects the lease value positively. Cell towers and equipment that have not been upgraded may provide an opportunity to renegotiate, or increase rent at the time of upgrade. If you are unsure about the equipment on your cell tower pole or wireless rooftop site, give us a call.

Diagram of a Typical Cell Tower

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