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Major Factors that Affect Cell Tower Lease Buyout Values

The People and Organizations Who Own Cell Towers or
Rooftop Wireless Sites Come from All Walks of Life.

There is no such thing as a "typical" cell tower owner or wireless site. The diversity of the people who own cell tower ground leases and the types of locations is truly amazing. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are NOT cell tower leasing or cell tower lease buyout specialist. Chances are they have never dealt with this situation before.

Here are some of the more common places you will find cell towers or rooftop wireless sites:

Gas Station Cell Tower farm cell tower ground lease residential cell tower site church cell tower lease truck stop cell tower site
Gas Station Corn Farm Residential Home Church Property Truck Stop
apartment rooftop cell tower site hotel rooftop cell tower rooftop cell tower rooftop surface mount cell tower rooftop wireless site lease
Apartment Buildings Hotels Industrial Buildings Two-color Surface Mount Factory Buildings
Water Tower Cell Site Power Line Lattice Water Tower Cell Site Power Line Structure Water Tower Cell Site
Cell Tower Sites
• Parks
• Sports fields and little leagues
• Churches
• Farms
• Self-storage facilities
• Industrial and corporate parks
• Schools
• Gas stations and truck stops
• Strip-malls and supermarkets
• Residential properties

Rooftop Wireless Sites
• Hotels
• Apartments
• Hospitals
• Skyscrapers
• Municipal buildings
• Factory buildings
• Industrial buildings
• Office and professional buildings
• Municipal buildings
• Commercial properties
• Warehouses

Other Existing and
Alternative Structures

• Billboards
• Church steeples
• Bridges
• Water towers
• Statues and monuments
• Grain silos
• Industrial smoke stacks
• Artificial pine and plam trees
• Windmills
• Radio Towers

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“We had the benefit of working with Michael Lemay, Owner of Wireless Investment Group, during the sale of a property that we owned. Michael and his company provided additional value to the wireless communication leases that we had on the property, allowing us to sell the property and the wireless leases separately and in doing so, we maximized the value of the sale. Michael was always available and worked with us during every step of the process, to make sure we understood what was going on. Based on this experience, I highly recommend Michael and Wireless Investment Group.”
– Rick and June Sabayrac

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