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Cell Tower Lease Buyout Questions

Frequently Asked Cell Tower Lease Buyout Questions

How do I know that the transaction is safe and that I will receive payment for the lease purchase?
All transactions are underwritten by a national Title Company. Title insurance is issued for each transaction and monies are paid to you through a bonded Title Company.
Do I, the Seller, pay any fees or commissions when dealing with Wireless Investment Group?
No, there are no flat fees or commission fees paid by the Seller. Wireless Investment Group buys for all of the major Tower Companies and they, the buyer, pay Wireless Investment Group’s consulting fees.
If my lease can be terminated with as little as 30 day notice, why would a company want to purchase my cell tower lease?
Tower Companies have thousands and thousands of leases, so if one site is decommissioned it does not have a huge impact on the profitability of the entire portfolio. However, if your site is decommissioned, you lose 100% of the revenue that you were receiving.
When a Buyer offers me a percentage of future revenue from new tenants, along with a purchase agreement, what should I do?
It depends. On a rooftop transaction Wireless Investment Group believes that it is best to partner with one of the publicly traded companies that we buy for, allow them to market your rooftop and hopefully they will bring additional tenants to your rooftop. If this happens, you will receive 50% of the new tenant rent for the Tower Companies marketing efforts.

If you have a cell tower on your property Wireless Investment Group advises against giving any additional ground space outside of the area currently defined in the lease. That land is yours and any future tenants will have to come to you directly to negotiate any additional ground leases and you will receive 100% of the negotiated ground rent.
What happens if I sell my site lease and the carrier terminates the lease, do I have to give any portion of the purchase price back?
Absolutely not. The buyer assumes all the risk as soon as the transaction closes.
Do I need an attorney?
The need for legal representation is a decision that you, as the Seller, need to make for yourself. This is the sale of one of your assets and if you feel you need help with the transaction, you should seek legal advice.
What if I want to do a 1031 Exchange?
Wireless Investment Group is not a CPA or tax professional, so you would need to be advised by someone who is qualified and understands your personal tax situation. What we can tell you is many of our previous clients, after meeting with their tax professionals, have successfully completed 1031 Exchanges on the sale of their cell tower or rooftop lease.
What documents will I be asked to provide?
At first you will only need your lease(s) and any amendments to the lease(s). Eventually you will be asked to supply copies of 2 to 3 check stubs received from the Lessee, a mortgage statement if there is a mortgage on the property, the Commencement Letter (if you have it), a copy of a previous title report (if you have it), corporate documents if the property is held in a company name. There are other documents that may be needed depending on the transaction, so Wireless Investment Group will provide you with a full list of Due Diligence items as soon as the LOI is signed.
What term will buyers want for the assignment of my lease?
Most Tower Companies will want a perpetual easement, but 40 and 50 year easements are a possibility. Wireless Investment Group will talk to you about your individual situation and needs, to figure out the best possible term and structure for the sale of your wireless asset.

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