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Customer Testimonial:
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“I recently had the good fortune of working with Brad Horwath, Owner of Wireless Investment Group, LLC, on a tower lease assignment for the benefit of mutual clients. Brad and his company were knowledgeable, ethical and professional throughout the transaction. They delivered in a timely and competent manner at every phase and followed up. Based on this experience, I highly recommend Brad and Wireless Investment Group. ”
– James P. Nolan, Esq.

About The Lease Buyout Referral Program:

Our Cell Site Lease Buyout Referral program is very simple.  There is no training needed.  All that is required is an introduction to an individual or business that is looking to sell their Cell Tower or Rooftop lease(s).  Best of all you get paid for each referral we do business with and the cell site landowner or the building lessor will thank you!

Why Wireless Investment Group needs you:

Wireless Investment Group is not a large corporation, in fact, Wireless Investment Group is a small LLC focused on efficiency. We do this to keep overhead to a minimum and provide the maximum purchase price to the cell site landowners and building lessors. We also do not have a room full of people making annoying cold-calls all day long. We only want to deal with interested sellers, not bother all cell tower land owners. Our lean company structure also allows us to offer motivated people and cash conscious companies a way of making money in the wireless industry. With cellular towers all over the United States, we need you to help us reach them all.

What constitutes a cell site referral?

There are several variables that constitute a referral, in short, a referral can be any introduction that leads Wireless Investment Group to do business with a cell site landowner or building lessor.

Here is what Wireless Investment Group looks for:

  • Cellular Tower Landowner name and/or address and/or phone number.
  • Building lessor name and/or address and/or phone number. (a building with cellular antennae attached or a business with a tower on its property.)
  • Church or Non-profit name and/or address and/or phone number that owns property with a cellular tower on it or has cellular antennae attached.
  • Local Municipality direct contact name and address and phone number.  The direct contact must be responsible for handling the current cellular tower lease.

If you can make a personal introduction we would appreciate it. At the very least we would like to be able to use you as a reference when we call the person who is selling the Cell Tower or Rooftop.

Success Story - A Commercial Real Estate Broker

I came across Wireless Investment Group’s web site when I had a Real Estate listing with a Cell Tower Lease on the property. I had never dealt with a Cell Tower Lease and had no idea of its value compared to the other income related to the property. I had called a couple of the other companies and they told me, since the tenant can cancel the lease, it is not worth as much as typical Commercial Real Estate income. When I talked with Brad Horwath, he was up front and honest with me about the true value of the lease. My seller decided to sell the lease separately from the rest of the Real Estate, because Brad was able to get him more money than he would have received if he sold the lease with the property. Best of all I got paid when the sale of the Cell Tower Lease closed and when I finally sold the property.

Matthew Starr - Commercial Real Estate Agent

How to Get Started

There is NO set-up or registration required. Simply contact us at 888-495-4733 and mention that you want to make a WatchTower® Referral.

How and When Do I Get Paid?

Payments are only made if the referral leads to a sale that closes successfully. Payment amount varies with each sale. Contact us at 888-495-4733 for details.

*for details please see the WatchTower® Lease Buyout Referral Program full details, terms and conditions.

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