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“We had the benefit of working with Michael Lemay, Owner of Wireless Investment Group, during the sale of a property that we owned. Michael and his company provided additional value to the wireless communication leases that we had on the property, allowing us to sell the property and the wireless leases separately and in doing so, we maximized the value of the sale. Michael was always available and worked with us during every step of the process, to make sure we understood what was going on. Based on this experience, I highly recommend Michael and Wireless Investment Group.”
– Rick and June Sabayrac

We will get you the highest price for your cell tower lease!

We represent you, the seller, dealing directly with the end buyer. Cut out the middle man along with the extra fees and commissions they charge.

About Our Company

Wireless Investment Group L.L.C. specializes in cell tower lease buyouts. That's ALL WE DO! We represent you and deal directly with the largest cell tower companies in the country. This allows us to get you the maximum cash payment with the minimum fees and commissions. In fact, YOU PAY NO COMMISSION! That's right, all of our fees are paid by the buyer.



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