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Rooftop Lease Buyouts

A rooftop lease buyout is a bit different than a cell tower lease buyout. First, with a rooftop lease buyout, you are partnering with the company that purchases the leases and allowing them to market your rooftop for future tenants. If they successfully get a new tenant on your rooftop you share in the new revenue with the purchaser. The split is usually 50/50 of the gross revenue of the new tenant.

Rooftop Lease Values and Pricing

Wireless Investment Group offers the highest prices paid for rooftop leases in the industry. We will beat any current offer you have and get you the terms you are looking for. The lease values vary depending on which tenants you have on your rooftop and a few details that are in your lease. A complete breakdown of tenant values can be found on our “How Much Is My Cell Tower Worth?” page and the specific details we need from your lease can be found on there as well.

Selling Rooftop Leases

When selling your Rooftop Lease(s) there is more to consider than simply price. There are a lot of companies out there that will buy your rooftop lease with the promise to add new tenants, but many of these companies don’t even have a marketing department. Wireless Investment Group will guide you through the process and partner you with a publicly traded company that will not only pay the most for your wireless lease(s), but will truly market your site, because they have the connections with all the carriers and the relationships to make it happen..


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