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“I recently had the benefit of working with Michael Lemay, Owner of Wireless Investment Group, LLC, on the sale of a rooftop lease assignment. Michael and his company provided a knowledgeable and streamline approach for the sale of my rooftop lease, while providing me with purchase price that beat the competition. They delivered in a timely manner and Michael was available at every step of the process to make sure things went smoothly. Based on this experience, I recommend Michael and Wireless Investment Group.”
– Chuck Duggan

Deciding Whether Or Not You Should Sell Your Cell Phone Tower Lease
Is Completely Up To You...

Offers have been made in excess of 150 times the monthly rent!


But if you DO decide to sell your lease, DON'T DO IT ALONE! Many of the firms who buyout these leases are notorious for using high pressure scare tactics to take advantage of inexperienced land owners. Let's face it, you probably are doing this for the first time, whereas the buyout firms are shrewd investors specializing in cell tower lease buyouts. That's where we come in. We'll get you the highest offer quickly and efficiently. And when we do, the companies know that we are experienced sellers, and they know that we are certainly getting more than one bid. They also know that any high pressure scare tactics will not work

Reasons to Sell Your Cell Tower Lease

If you need money now
- Sale produces absolute guaranteed cash in hand
- Banks won't lend against the value of the lease or future rents

To maximize profits from the sale of the property
- Land buyers won't pay extra for the cell site since they know that the lease can be canceled or rendered less valuable in the future
- Sell the lease now, and land later

Eliminate your risk
- To eliminate the risk involved due to redundancy or termination
- Use payment to build your portfolio with lower risk investments

You get an offer that you just can't refuse
- Offers have been made in excess of 150 times the monthly rent
- Finding out what you can get is easy, risk free, with no obligation
- We gaurantee complete privacy with regards to your personal information. Request an Offer Now

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