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What is a Cell Tower Lease Buyout?

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A Cell Tower Lease Buyout is...

A cell tower lease buyout, is when a company pays a land owner a multiple of the monthly rental income generated by a cell tower for the rights to any future rental income.

Why Cell Tower Lease Buyouts are So Large?

Most landowners are not in the cell phone business. That being true, the risk assumed by these individuals is greater than that which would be assumed by the companies who ARE in the business. Owning a single cell site has a much higher risk than owning many. Since the land owners are typically not nearly as well informed as these companies with respect to cell tower technology, the wireless industry, and the cellular carriers, they are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to negotiating lease agreements with the carriers. That's why these companies will pay so much in advance for these buyouts.

Cell tower lease buyouts present a unique opportunity that is mutually beneficial to both the land owner (seller) and the lease buyout firm or cell tower company (buyer). The land owner receives a large lump sum in cash NOW and eliminates risk of depreciation in the future. The buyer gains another profit generating lease to strengthen their negotiating position with the carriers and add to their profits in the future.

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Cell Tower Lease Buyout Values

Verizon Wireless Cell Tower Lease Values
Verizon Wireless has built more cell towers than any other cellular carrier. The leases are considered “investment grade” and they are priced as such. Lease buyouts have reached over 174 times monthly rent for Verizon tower leases. Want to sell your Verizon cell tower lease?

AT&T Wireless Cell Tower Lease Values
AT&T Wireless is also an “investment grade” tenant and the multiples paid for the leases are the same as Verizon. AT&T purchased Cricket in 2013 creating a lot of “overlap” in some areas of their network. Any site with both AT&T and Cricket on it will have to be carefully evaluated. Want to sell your AT&T cell tower lease?

Sprint Nextel Cell Tower Lease Values
Sprint Nextel still has many redundant sites and Wireless Investment Group would need to determine if the Nextel site was upgraded before making an offer. Once we determine that it is an upgraded Sprint site, the offer we would make would be around 168 times monthly rent*. Want to sell your Sprint/Nextel cell tower lease?

T-mobile Cell Tower Lease Values
T-Mobile’s value is similar to Sprint’s upgraded sites. T-Mobile finalized its acquisition of Metro PCS in 2013, creating an “overlap” in coverage in many areas of the US. Just like the ATT/Cricket situation, T-Mobile acquisitions have to be looked at more carefully to make sure there are no “overlap” issues with Metro. If there are no “overlap” issues, than the offer you would receive should be around 168 times monthly rent*. Want to sell your T-Mobile cell tower lease?

Cricket.com Cell Tower Lease Values
Cricket was bought by AT&T in 2103, which caused many “overlap” issues. If your Cricket site is in the vicinity of an AT&T site, there is a high likelihood that it will be decommissioned in the near future. The value of your Cricket lease could vary greatly, but I would not expect much more than 36 time to 60 times monthly rent*. Want to sell your Cricket cell tower lease?

Metro PCS Cell Tower Lease Values
Metro PCS was acquired in 2013 by T-Mobile. This greatly decreased the value of your Metro PCS lease, because of overlap issues with other T-Mobile sites. Metro PCS leases are currently valued somewhere between 36 times to 60 times monthly rent*. Want to sell your Leap Wireless cell tower lease?

* Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to lease provisions. Prices can vary wildly due to general financial conditions and speculation with regard to the particular carrier and site.

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